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In today's hyper-stimulated world of nonstop visual cue inputs, it is no surprise that the modern day Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) exists. Thirty years ago, the typical day for a teenager consists of playing outside with friends, reading, working etc... Today, it is an endless stream of attention grabbing stimuli such as facebook, cellphones, instant messaging, and internet browsing with multiple tabs. The question of whether Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a result of uncontrollable, individual genetic circumstances or a product of modern day society remains to be debated. However, this article will focus on a remedy for people suffering from ADHD.

Symptoms of ADHD can be pretty eye-opening; most people can probably check off a few off the list. Commonly these symptoms consists of; being easily distracted, forgetful; difficulty maintaining focus on any given task; difficulty processing information; very fidget, hyper, and talkative; constantly in motion etc... Users who exhibit multiple symptoms probably suffer from ADHD. Fortunately, with modern day problems comes modern day solutions. There are many different types of medication one can take to treat ADHD. Perhaps the most commonly prescribed of all is Adderall.

There are two forms of Adderall - extended release (XR) and instant release (IR). The way Adderall XR is manufactured allows it to instantly release half the dose upon admission, and subsequently the remaining half 4-6 hours after. User reports Adderall IR effects start to become noticeable around 30 minutes to 1 hour upon admission.

Adderall IR comes in doses of various strengths. Typically, a doctor would start off the prescribed dosage at relatively low levels; with consequent increases of dosage if deemed necessary.

A person with ADHD can benefit tremendously from taking Adderall. Right away users can expect to see diminishing of previous symptoms, allowing them the focus and mental capacity to carry on daily tasks. However, those with diagnosed ADHD aren't the only ones taking this medication today. Adderall runs rampant in college campuses and even the professional world. Cramming for a test? Adderall. Stressing to meet a client's demands? Adderall. This "motivation in a pill" is responsible for 4.0 GPAs and productive 12 hour study sessions. Recently, even professional athletes have admitted to taking adderall.

While Adderall provides the user with endless possibilities, there are also many potential side effects if abused. Symptoms include : extreme lethargy, fatique, depression, insomnia, suicidal thoughts etc...

Ultimately, one should absolutely weigh all the pros and cons prior to using this drug. With doctor recommendation, one should then decide for themselves what the best choice is.


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